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Integra takes the stress out of planning, organising and delivering successful events


You organise Festivals, Events, Conferences, Competitions, Tournaments, Associations or Groups.


We offer under license a powerful integrated event management system to take the stress out of planning, organising and delivering successful events. A flexible robust solution for complex logistical and planning of events, tasks, registration and the Integra Schedule App, accessing secure live data, over the full cycle of your event.

Developed by event organisers who understand your challenges. Integra allows you to focus on your event and let Integra do the organising.


Integra is so flexibility enables organising for single, complex, multi or repeat events for organisers, venues and their clients.



Your dashboard gives you an complete overview of the status of one or multiple events you may be organising.

You decide which system functions you need to solve your challenges, one integrated system means any changes are replicated across the whole system.You access secure live data from anywhere at any time.

System Users input their own data, this cuts down work and mistakes. A flexible robust solution for complex planning of venues, spaces, people and equipment, registration, purchasing and the Integra App.


Video on how Integra can help 


We work with you and your team to ensure you get the best out of the system and offer a support / training package to suit your needs.


Whether you are managing events, people, stock, assets, donors or organisations, your Integra system allows varying levels of access for supervision and management, with detailed report generation.


You control who can see, add, edit or download data. Integra handles complex logistics for venues and organisers with targeted configurable reports, so you stay in control with live data at every stage. Download a presentation about Integra.

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