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A summary of Integra Services

An overview of Integra 

Integra Background and current use

Originally developed to organise an international choir festival with 65 choirs, 1,700 performers and 80 public events in 20 spaces across one large arts centre

Used by an international choirs organisation of 200 members choirs, to run the day to day administration, meetings, subscriptions, donor management, as well as their annual leadership symposium and conference for 500 – 1000 people and quad-annual festival with 7,000 registered delegates, 200 choirs and 180 public events

Used to organise a number of singing festivals, meetings and conferences in Europe and Canada with number ranging from 50 to 3,000 delegates.



Integra Planner is operated by

GALA Choruses I, Inc., a company incorporated in Delaware (DE) USA

P.O. Box 99998, Pittsburgh, PA, 15233 

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Logo 2.jpg
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