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Your Integra fee includes all system features and is based on the agreed number of "Active Users" in the system outlined in your annual contract, for any number of events that you organise. 


The system records the number of users who access the system during the contract period, for any number of events irrespective of how many time they access the system. The system is reset at the start of each contract period.

An "Active User" is a person or organisation that creates an Integra account to access services and that accesses the system during the contracted period. Users will typically include organisers, clients, customers, participants, permanent and temporary staff and volunteers, facilitators, speakers, performers, suppliers, productions and support crew, venues, conferences or organisations. You can read the full details in the User terms .  

All users can access the system which is mobile friendly and they have a personalised schedule with messaging and notifications through the app.


The fee will be divided up monthly or quarterly during the contract and can be paid in US Dollars, Euros or UK Pounds.

We work with a variety of clients and organisations of varying sizes on many different types of events and they will have varying levels of expertise. Talk to us and let us see how we can help you to take the stress out of your event organising. We tailor the training and support to suit your needs.  There are also tiered discounts built into the fee, for larger events.

Your contract is bespoke to ensure we meet all your needs, drop us a line to discuss your event. Together we agree on the cycle of your event or events, be that a one off, repeating event or series of events, the complexity of your planning task, your support plan required and the number of System Users. We can answer all your questions, so we prepare the best quote for you.

We are happy to discuss discounted fees for charities and non-profits and  we support a number small not for profit festivals and events.

If you would like a no commitment demonstration and we can show you how we can help, please get in touch.

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