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an outline of each module and how we can help you



The flexibility of your Integra system is best demonstrated by the details and planning around each event or series of events in the planner, you may want to expand and add additional information, files, images and external links. Your  Integra system gives you the flexibility to add additional data, by designated persons, any time from anywhere.


24 hour planner to schedule a wide range of events in various venues and locations

View events in a calendar view by month, week or day.

Colour-code event categories.

Enter marketing information for public events, including box office information.

Information can be embedded in your public web site.

Assign participants /performers to each event.

Multiple participants / performers can be given their own time slot.

View all locations and times at-a-glance using the daily planner.

You can use the system to plan details like dressing /changing room allocations.

Event details or whose registered; live information on your event website



You can add or extract detailed information for each activity or event

Session outlines with speakers, facilitators or officials with biographies and links.

Songs, speeches, entrances and exits

Song titles with composer, lyrics by, arranger along with copyright information and data.

All technical requirements, staging, sound and lighting etc.

Organisation administrators enter their groups details to avoid organisers having to enter details from paper forms.

Standard reports for different purposes to download and filter.

Workshop outlines and facilitators.

Full event details for printed program feed into the Integra Schedule App.

Technical reports for production crew and managers.

Personalised call sheets for performers and participants.


Taking payments is easy and simple to set up. We have worked with a number of providers but we use Stripe with a fully integrated, global platform that can support online and in-person payments. Stripe powers millions of businesses in 100+ countries and across nearly every industry. Stripe has 9 global offices and hundreds of people working to help transform how modern businesses are built and run.


 Stripe is a full-stack payment processor, meaning we eliminate the need for a merchant account and payment gateway.  You can take a look at some of our features and customers here for the UK or navigate to your own country website:                      

Clients would set-up a new Stripe "Standard" account, or use your existing Stripe account in order to process payments through Integra. 

Stripe handles the on-boarding flow and the complete verification process. 

The payment flow associated with Standard accounts is known as Direct Charges. With Direct Charges, when an end customer makes a payment, the funds are sent directly to the client, the Stripe fee is removed, and your commission is automatically removed and sent to your platform account. 

Stripe supports

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and alternative payment methods: 

Stripe supports a variety of different payment methods including Bacs,Sofort and SEPA and other local direct bank transfer options.

For an extensive list of alternative payment methods and their prices, check out the link below: 



Stripe allow donations - and you can allow the customer to define how much they would like to pay with our variable amount feature.



Stripe support over 135 currencies, meaning that you can charge customers from all over the world in their native currencies: 



Regarding the  Standard fees for all of this, the charges are 1.4% + 20p for every successful card charge.

Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no minimum charges, no validation fees, and no card storage fees.

If you would like to learn a bit more on Stripes fees, here is a link that goes into more detail here: 


There is no extra charge for using Connect with Standard accounts.


Discounts for non-profits:

If you go with Standard accounts, then each of your non-profit clients will need to reach out to prove their non-profit status, and they can then avail of lower fees. Examples: 1.2% for EU Visa and MasterCard transactions.


Recurring payments:

Stripe allow recurring payments.

Integra train you to setup any items to sell, set quantities and dates of sale.

Integra integrates with Stripe for online payment and purchases are linked to people or groups.

You can trade unwanted items on the Integra Marketplace

Groups can make bulk payments for members.


The system supports a range of badge printing options to suit your meeting, event, festival, competition or activity.

Incorporating your own logo with simple and more complex badge designs

Drawing on the live data from the system about people, organisations and venues.

Varying designs and options for different categories of participation.

To print and correct direct in the system for organisers, groups or individuals or download for off-site printing or download to devices. 

Together with sign-in or name and room allocation sheets for check-in purposes, as well as people control.

The flexibility of the systems  report generating functions ensure that most eventualities or requirements can be met and at the press of a button you know the information is always up to date and securely stored.

The system can be viewed live on enabled devices and tablets.

Where information is critical we recommend a paper back-up in case your local internet access is interrupted.


Planning and organising your activity or event online remotely from anywhere is easy with multiple users and organisers or a single organiser. You can create sub-groups with specific functions. Manage your email traffic into discussion groups with topics and document storage.

The Productivity modules allow you to meet your organisational, managerial and reporting functions. The modules include:


To create. plan, allocate and input deadlines for users with supervisor viewing.

Auto reminders and key dates activation plus data and document upload with file linking and sharing.

The key features of task creation, management and supervision include 

Central task list for organising team,

Task summary, and detailed notes,

Optional owner, due date, relevant subgroups,

Add milestones and view weekly summary,

Automatically emails owners about task changes.


Plan and organise your meetings with file upload, linking and sharing for remote or on-site working for staff and volunteers.

Central calendar of meetings for the organising team, simple entry of start time, duration and location.

Can Include detailed notes such as agenda and documents.

Identify the meeting organiser, relevant subgroups, configure automatically email group about new meetings.

File storage for agendas, minutes, images, data files and reports etc.

Under construction: Invite specific team members to meeting and poll them for best date/time for the meeting


Email Management 

Email contacts easily from within the system

Integra auto generates many email notifications to confirm actions in the system

Confirmations or action requests to system users

Discussion Forum

Manage your in-house email traffic with online storage and multiple​  groups and topics.

To read online or delivered to your email with configurable settings.



Categorise and share all your links in one place for suppliers, venues, clients etc.

A central repository of useful web links, grouped into categories. 

For example: venues, suppliers, partner organisations and shared Google documents



Central database of the people, places, venues, organisation or companies that you will come into contact with,

Any authorised system users can access live data, upload or update your central database.-

Organise and manage all your contacts, linking people, organisations and venues to any event or activity within the same system.

Detailed contact data with ability to leave notes and add files.

Users upload and maintain their own records

Users can view / download and personalised reports


Contact information about people can be linked to an organisation, supplier or multiple events, projects.

With only one common record any edit means information is always up to date.

The flexibility of Integra enables remote working across the world on projects or events by one or any number of authorised system users.

Teams can be organised and supervised remotely, task allocated to teams with deadlines and reminders activated in your system.


This allow you to create individual user accounts for organising team

Control user permissions for different areas of the system

View team contact list

Link team members to other parts of the system

Allocate task ownership

Allocate and organise meetings

Contact person for individual groups.

Merge tool for duplicate user accounts

Venues / Locations

Each place or venue or room or location within that venue or location has its own file that is created by a authorised user / organiser .

The Venue file is available to link to any event, project or multiple activities across your system and is searchable for linking.

The system allows for you to categorise your venues and enter notes for all venues

The system only draws on one common file about each venue ensuring the information is up to date across the system.


Whether you are managing events, people, stock, assets, donors or organisations your Integra system allows varying levels of access for supervision and management with detailed report generation and live access to data at any time from any location.


Integra enables varying levels of access to control who can see, add, edit or download data.

Organise and upload files and documents link them to events, contacts or activities

Manage your donor data base linking to tasks, files and financial information.

Manage your stock and equipment, link to events or activities, live data accessible 24/7.

Download mailing lists for marketing and information dissemination.

Direct email options to registered users and contacts.

Manage you teams on line, allocate tasks, monitor progress, organise and motive actions.

Download reports and view key statistics about your event from your dashboard.



Equipment and asset management allows you at you know what you have, what you need and when and where you need it.

At any time from anywhere you have access to one central live database.

Full inventory of equipment that you own, lease or rent.

Detailed specification and condition notes for each item.

You can plan your equipment requirements for each event.

Identify shortfalls or overstocking easily. 

Allocate available equipment to events.

Link to supplier details for hire, lease or buy

Reports to inform budgets and procurement requirements

View location of stock

Allows for easy stock taking into a live system.



A simple way to identify your donors and create links to events and record of giving.

Enables effective planning and execution campaigns.

Within the restraints of data protection legislation to keep contact notes on your donors.

Allows you to organise donor events and activities.


Included as specified in your Client contract.
Stored data can be linked to your contacts, events, people and venues. 

Music, Media 
Music storage for pdf scores, Sibelius, MP3 audio and MP4 image data. 
To view, listen and look online or download for offline storage and load onto your devices or laptop.

Image library
Store and categorise all your images with searchable tags and copyright data. View as thumbnails or by list. 

Document store
Upload, organise, view online or download the full range of documents in easy to use trees, with multiple access options and searchable tags

Event Scheduling
The Detail
Detailed Programme
Taking Payments
Partcipant badges
Asset Management


Members Associations

Manage the contacts database of your member groups.

Groups upload all their own data.

You can send subscription invoices and automate chasers emails.

Download financials and reports.

Link your website with current member information.

Link with other member associations.

Manage email traffic with discussion.

Organise meetings online.

Link member groups with events. 

Organise annual meetings, conferences and others events easily for your members and others.

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