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Are there too many fragmented systems in your workplace?

Chris Denning, technical director at Integra Planner highlights how too much technology can have a negative impact on event organisers.

I was recently having coffee with a friend who mentioned that his business was in the process of implementing a new CMS.

He was frustrated that it was only one out many new systems which were introduced. He was also struggling to learn the intricateness of the system, which was taking time away from his day job.

Our chat got me thinking. Is there too much technology in the workplace? Are many of us adopting far more technology than we need and wasting a lot of time and resources in the process?

Experts believe that businesses are too reliant on technology to function from day-to-day and that, while of course it has its place, too many fragmented systems are making it difficult for teams to get their jobs done, hindering output.

Agile businesses work to find a technology balance that keeps its operations strong. Afterall, technology gives, but it also takes away and it’s a balancing act to find those technologies that are really needed.

We are aware that event organisers use six different systems to deal with event management, ticketing, apps and payments. Are they making more work for themselves by requiring integrations between systems, or worse, manual import and export? Succumbing to the lure of new tech purchases when you don’t need them, is one of the main reasons digital transformations fail.

As an event organiser myself, I understand that putting together events of all shapes and sizes requires a streamlined approach. Planning, organising and delivering successful events can be stressful and requires a solution for the complex logistics and planning, tasks, registration and data.

There are some great systems out there that can achieve this, sadly there are also many that do not. One system that fits all is surely more manageable than outsourcing each task in different places.

When it comes to accounting software, you would definitely want a separate accounting system that handles all the legal and tax requirements, and you wouldn’t expect that to be built into your event management system.

However, when it comes to registration or a mobile app, are your requirements unusual or complex enough that you need a separate dedicated system for that, rather than using what your event management system provides?

Finding a technology balance is about creating a smart technology plan that aligns with your business goals. Ask yourself these five key questions before you invest in another piece of technology for your business.

What changes will this technology bring to business?Will it solve a problem that is costing me time or money?Will it integrate with my other systems?Do I understand how it works? Does my team like it?Is it futureproof?

Being able to answer the above questions can help you build a strong business case for introducing new technology and minimising the amount of subscriptions you pay needlessly each month.

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