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Integra Planner launches new event management system for organisers

Two former event organisers, with over 40 years of event planning experience between them, have launched an event management system which takes the stress out of planning, organising and delivering successful events and “organises the organisers”.

Integra Planner is the brainchild of Martin Brophy MBE and Chris Denning. The software was initially created to enable them to plan and organise Team London at the Various Voices London 2009 Festival.

The event, at the Southbank Centre, featured 60 choirs and 2,000 singers from 14 countries and the pair needed a system that would provide detailed planning capability for concerts, social events, workshops, seminars and major performances around the event. Using their extensive event organising experience Martin and Chris designed the system to directly answer the challenges they had around organising the event.

Having been used at various music festivals over the last 11 years including the Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA) Choruses Festival for over 10,000 people in Denver 2012 and 2016 and Minneapolis, USA, July 2020, Integra Planner has been revamped using the latest Angular technology and relaunched for 2020 with a new user interface.

Its key features are all centred around making life easier for organisers by allowing users to enter their data directly and view their own tailored reports, this reduces mistakes and saves the core administration team valuable time.

The vast amount of data generated at events can be accessed and used directly in the system or viewed through the schedule app. The system gives organisers the functionality to deal with complex planning of spaces, activities and people easily and efficiently, offering an integrated solution to these complex planning challenges in-between organising, registration and delivery of events.

Having the latest data and reports on the status of events and complex technical reports for venues and others, while offering all the standard tools from task management and meeting planning to file storage and team supervision, leaves organisers free to better curate their events and work on multiple events at the same time.

Integra Planner’s, co-managing director, Martin Brophy MBE, said: “There are many event management platforms on the market that cover a wide range of applications from payments through to registration, even providing apps for attendees which is all possible within the Integra Planner platform also. However, the jewel in the crown of our system is its ability to help organise the organisers and make their efforts more efficient.”

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